Meg Methews smiling at the camera

Meg Mathews – Marodyne LiV ambassador

Former Brit Pop icon/music industry PR turned entrepreneur, founder of Meg's Menopause and trailblazer for women’s health – is stepping up her fight against osteoporosis by becoming a Marodyne LiV ambassador.

Meg was diagnosed with osteoporosis relatively young aged 47 after she broke her wrist in a fall. She was both shocked and frightened to receive her DEXA scan result as she had seen how this devastating illness had affected her mother, who died of the disease.

Like thousands of women, she had read about Marodyne LiV in the press and was interested to learn more about the potential for Low-intensity vibration therapy.

“When I discovered Marodyne LiV, it was everything I was searching for. It’s an entirely natural way that stimulates my bone-building cells to make my bones healthier and stronger.”

Meg Mathews in her kitchen holding her book
Marodyne LiV is the world’s first clinically-approved, non-invasive, non-drug option for osteoporosis prevention. As a champion for natural treatments and therapies, Meg was instantly attracted to Marodyne LiV – and the device hasn’t disappointed. “Marodyne LiV is just amazing!” says Meg. “It’s the perfect prevention tool because it has no side effects at all, and anyone can use it. The vibrations are very gentle and give a lovely buzz through your body. They are set at just the right vibration to stimulate your bone-building cells into action. I love the fact it’s triggering my bones to build their own tissue back up.” As a Marodyne LiV ambassador, Meg is documenting her fight against osteoporosis on her influential blog Meg’s Menopause. Readers can follow her progress as she uses Marodyne LiV to improve her bone health.