Carol Decker Marodyne LiV ambassador

Carol Decker – Marodyne LiV ambassador

Carol Decker, the lead vocalist of 1980s pop band sensation T’Pau, is literally rocking her 60s performing live gigs and taking gruelling tour schedules in her stride. Her famous energy and spirit are as high as ever and you’d never know she’s living with osteoporosis..

Carol, 63, was diagnosed with the disease aged 57. Not one to sit around and feel sorry for herself, she came out fighting, eager to find a treatment that would prevent the disease affecting her lifestyle and health..

Carol Decker Marodyne LiV ambassador“I’ll have to admit I thought osteoporosis was an old lady’s disease and initially thought the Dexa scan team had mixed me up with my gran!” jokes Carol.  “Now I know that osteoporosis is just as likely to affect you in your 50s and 60s as in later life.

“I decided to take action and get on top of this disease before it got on top of me. I’m fit, active and in every other respect healthy and well.  I think nothing of doing workouts with weights each day, taking long dog walks and pushing myself on my stationary bike and treadmill at home.”

Carol was prescribed Alendronic acid – a medicine commonly given to people with osteoporosis – but felt so awful she had to stop it. “I felt as if I had flu and my whole body ached. I couldn’t live feeling like that!

“Finding Mardoyne LiV was a lightbulb moment,” says Carol. “I trust the science behind it and love the way it naturally stimulates my body to create new bone tissue – rather than looking to preserve the old tissue. It’s pleasant to use and really easy to fit into my daily routine.”

Even better, since using Marodyne LiV, Carol’s Dexa scans have shown no further deterioration in her bones nor any further loss in height.

“I really believe in Marodyne LiV and am hugely relieved to have found such an effective non-drug way to boost my bone health and strength.”

Carol Decker Marodyne LiV ambassador