Research shows that using Marodyne LiV every day is most effective.

It may not be possible to use Marodyne LiV every day, but to achieve the clinical benefits you should use it at least five days per week.

If it’s easier, you can split your usage of Marodyne LiV into two five-minute sessions instead of one ten-minute session.

Marodyne LiV is safe to use for up to four hours per-day. For optimal results you should spend 10 minutes per day on the device.

If you are unable to stand on the device for the full 10 minutes, we recommend that you break up your sessions in the morning and the evening.

You don’t need to stand completely still on Marodyne LiV for it to work. However, you need to ensure to keep both feet are on the platform. It’s crucial that you balance on the centre of the platform. If your feet are in the correct place you will see a light on the display.

The vibrations of Marodyne LiV are very subtle and light. You can just stand up straight and relax. There is no special posture or exercise required.

If you bring your weight to bear on your front foot the vibrations will be targeted more on your legs and hips. If keep your weight is directed more towards your heels then the vibrations will rise through to your back and neck.

Marodyne LiV is most effective when your feet are in direct contact with the platform. Therefore, we recommend that you don’t wear shoes.

You can keep your socks on if you want to, but barefoot is best.

While we don’t recommend it, you can exercise on Marodyne LiV if you keep both feet on the plate and your balance remains in the centre of the plate. The lights on the display will show if your balance and position is correct.

If you don’t move for some time, the technology inside Marodyne LiV can believe that you have stepped off the machine. In this scenario, the machine stops working to reserve energy.

It’s easy to get Marodyne LiV moving again. A slight movement or push with your feet or legs will kick-start the machine back into motion.

Marodyne LiV is designed to be used while you’re standing.

The frequency and amplitude of Marodyne LiV has been selected to deliver precise vibrations for the hip and spine, but only when you’re standing on it.

We advise you not to sit on Marodyne LiV.

Marodyne LiV is designed to deliver precise mechanical vibrations for the hip and spine, but only when you’re standing on it.

Marodyne LiV is very quiet. An incorrect posture can sometimes cause the machine to emit a little noise. If you adjust your position on the device, the noise will disappear.

It’s highly unlikely the vibrations of Marodyne LiV will disturb your neighbours. An incorrect posture can sometimes cause the machine to emit a little noise. If you adjust your position on the device, the noise will disappear.

Marodyne LiV produces Low-intensity Vibrations (LiV). Marodyne LiV sends out signals that correspond to the natural, mechanical movement impulses that are picked up by the skeleton every step we take. The frequency is calibrated precisely to accurately mimic the forces that our bones are exposed to while walking or undertaking gentle activity.

The device stimulates osteoblast (bone-building) activity while inhibiting osteoclast (bone wasting) activity. Studies have established that just 10 minutes of LiV a day can help to keep bones strong and healthy. 

The vibrations produced by the Marodyne LiV are big enough to stimulate osteoblast cells. These osteoblast cells stimulate bone production in the bone. This is how the low-intensity vibrations produced by Marodyne LiV can increase your bone mineral density.


Marodyne LiV is 100% safe to be used at home. Based on the guidelines of the ISO and OSHA regarding vibration (ISO 2631), under normal conditions Marodyne LiV will cause no adverse or harmful effects to users.

Low-intensity Vibration is a safe and effective therapy for people of all ages. From the frail elderly to young children, under normal conditions Marodyne LiV is both safe and effective at building bones and preventing osteoporosis.

Extensive research has established that Marodyne LiV is safe to use by people of all ages, from young children to elderly people aged over 100.

Scientific research shows that children with special needs can safely use Marodyne LiV. If your child has a special medical condition that may affect their safe use of Marodyne LiV we recommend you consult with a medical specialist before purchase.


Bone growth is a slow process. You may experience positive effects on muscle strength, balance, pain relief, and general fitness much more quickly. It depends on the person. Positive bone results can normally be expected in about 12 months but differ per person. Some people may experience benefits within six months.

Yes, science shows us that Marodyne LiV stimulates blood circulation of the lower limbs. The positive impact can be felt through the rest of the body.

The low-intensity vibrations produced by Marodyne LiV will have no known effect on the brain.

Weight gain and loss are affected by a whole variety of variables, so it’s not possible for us to say whether using Marodyne LiV will result in weight loss.

Most people will benefit from LiV in some way (increasing bone density and strength, improved blood circulation etc.) but it’s clear that LiV benefits some people more than others.


After more than 25 years of research in which a variety of frequencies and amplitudes have been examined it was found that this dose was most effective and the safest.

Marodyne LiV is designed to be used while you’re standing up. The frequency and amplitude is chosen so that the dose of mechanical vibrations is exactly right for your legs, hip and back.

If you perform push-ups on Marodyne LiV (or use it any way other than directed) you are invalidating your warranty and we cannot be held responsible for any damage that you may cause.

Most vibrations machines in the gym are platforms with bigger g-force output. Those machines are more focussed on strength training than other outcomes.

WBV carries a high potential risk, has many contraindications and is best for people who are fit, active and healthy and can tolerate extreme forces and accelerations. These WBV signals are well beyond that considered safe by OSHA or ISO.

There is substantial scientific research that has established LiV is an effective tool for preventing osteoporosis and promoting bone growth.

You can read more about how LiV works and its positive effects on the body on our website.

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