marodyne LiV Jane Ryan

“I stopped the osteoporosis ‘timebomb’ and reversed the disease”

Jane Ryan, 68, Gloucestershire

Jane Ryan is the author of the ‘Missing Dad’ teen spy thriller series and award-winning short stories and dramas. Prior to the pandemic she visited schools to talk about her books and will resume her busy schedule in the Autumn of 2021 when her seventh and final book of the series, WINGS, is published.

“I’ve always been extremely active: riding was my absolute passion and I also loved kayaking and dinghy sailing.  So when my GP told me that at the age of 50 my muscles were stronger than my bones, that  was a massive blow,” says Jane.  “Then aged just 60, I tripped and fell while out walking. My left femur – the largest bone in my body – snapped like a matchstick.

“Osteoporosis was diagnosed and from that moment I felt like I was walking around with a timebomb strapped to me knowing that my right femur could break at any time.

LivMD ambassador Jane Ryan in Kitchen “My GP was of the view I should basically accept my condition, wrap myself in cotton wool and take osteo meds. I refused both options! I couldn’t bear the possible side effects of the drugs and decided instead to follow a bone-health diet and take up Pilates to strengthen my legs and back.

“Both helped me feel I was doing something positive and were certainly better than sitting around waiting for osteoporosis to ruin my life.  But my next Dexa scan showed my right femur was still riddled with osteoporosis.

“I discovered Marodyne LiV in 2015 and was one of the first in the UK trial it. I used it for 10 minutes every morning without fail.  And in April 2018 I was rewarded by a Dexa scan showing that my right femur was no longer osteoporotic – just osteopenic.

“The osteoporosis beast had been put into reverse! My GP had never seen scans like this. While I had hoped that the rate of bone thinning could be slowed,  I never dared to hope that my right femur could fight back and get stronger again.

“Put simply, this device has given me back my life and restored my confidence. In January 2019 I slipped while working in a pub and fell hard.  My muscles were killing me, but nothing was broken.

“As my story shows, osteoporosis doesn’t just affect the elderly and it can be present even if you’re outwardly fit and physically active.

“As soon as you pass the menopause, the damage can set in, no matter how often you go to the gym, or walk or run. To avoid osteoporosis, we need a pre-emptive defence and, to my mind, Marodyne LiV is exactly that.”


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