Menohealth & LivMD join forces to help women build strong bones

LiVMD is delighted to partner with MenoHealth which empowers women to take control of their menopause by offering support, education and exercise. The organisation helps women manage a multitude of menopause symptoms and recognises the need to prioritise their bone health.

Menopause is a risk factor for osteopenia and osteoporosis because of the drop in oestrogen, which plays a vital role in renewing and building bone tissue. As oestrogen levels fall during menopause, the body loses its ability to form strong bones.

MenoHealth provides the perfect balance of support, education and exercise to help women navigate their menopause with optimism, enthusiasm and realism. Its combination of education and exercise and refreshingly upbeat attitude sits very well with the LiVMD team.

Julie Robinson, founder of MenoHealth, shares our ethos that prevention is better than ‘cure’ when managing menopause symptoms and actively encourages women to take control of their bodies at this time of their life. Exercise is a primary factor in her MenoHealth programme as Julie knows the physical and mental health benefits it brings. Menopause is a time when many women reduce their level of physical activity – despite mid-life being exactly when they could benefit most from it. As well as being key to building strong bones, exercise is also known to boost mood and maintain a healthy weight.

MenoHealth partner

Best kept secret revealed – Marodyne LiV

Marodyne LiV is another way to naturally build stronger bones.  It does this by delivering Low Intensity Vibrations (LiV) that will stimulate your body’s bone building factory into action. LiV is backed by over 50 years of scientific research and Marodyne LiV is clinically proven to naturally prevent and combat osteoporosis while improving movement, flexibility and freedom in just 10 minutes a day.

MenoHealth partner

Backed by science

Scientists have established that low-intensity vibration provided by Marodyne LiV is effective at preventing bone loss with one study concluding that “Low-magnitude whole-body vibration therapy can provide a significant improvement in reducing bone loss in the lumbar spine in post-menopausal women.” Another one-year placebo-controlled research study of post-menopausal women showed that low-level vibration effectively inhibits bone loss in the spine and femur.The researchers concluded that “if used regularly, the progress of osteoporosis can be at least slowed down, stopped or even reversed.”

Reassuring and recommended

“MenoHealth provides a welcoming community where shared experiences, weekly chats and group exercise sessions provide immense support to women going through menopause,” says Julie. “Our experienced MenoLeaders offer practical advice and support to our members (known as MenoSisters) on how to live their best lives.

“I’m reassured by the fact Marodyne LiV is clinically approved to prevent and combat osteoporosis and the science backing its effectiveness looks strong,” says Julie.  “As a 100% natural way to boost bone health, Marodyne LiV sits well alongside our stance here at MenoHealth of taking a holistic approach to healthcare. I have no hesitation in recommending women look at using Marodyne LiV alongside making healthy diet and lifestyle choices during menopause.”

LiVMD, in turn, wholeheartedly recommends women seek advice and support from Julie and her MenoHealth team to help achieve a great sense of well-being throughout their menopause and beyond.